Adding a Booking Link to your Outreach Email Signature

1.  Identify your booking link.

If you are admin you can find your team’s booking links under “ User Settings” tab

If you are a user you can copy your link from your  own settings:

2. Add this link as a custom field on the user profile:

Custom field calendar

3. If you added it as a Custom Field 1, copy the following dynamic field structure for your signature:


If you added the URL as a Custom Field 2, the structure will be:


4. Add this structure copied above to your signature in Outreach as a link:

First add the action text (e.g. “Book a time with me”):

Book a time with meSelect the action text, click on the link icon and paste the dynamic field structure copied above.

URL in signature

With this URL your prospects are automatically identified and your sequences get smarter and smarter.

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