One-click booking from Gmail

1. Suggest times when you reply to an email

The browser extension understands you are replying to an email and allows you to propose times to a prospect. Best practice:

  • Add the following text before inserting the slots “Here are some availabilities on our end below. Feel free to book in one click or use the link at the bottom for more options”. This way you make it easy for your prospect to book a time
  • Make sure you select the time zone of your guest before you suggest slots
  • We’ve observed best results when suggesting just 3 slots within emails
  • Make sure to have the "To" field filled out prior to suggesting times.
1. First, press the Chili Piper icon next to the Send button within the email.

2. After this, select the person you'd like to assign the meeting to, as well as the meeting type. Then, select several time slots and press "Insert Availabilities."

3. Once you press "Insert Availabilities," the time slots selected will populate within the email and be ready for the prospect to book in one-click. Prospects can also book via your full calendar if the times don't work for them.

  • If suggested time slots are no longer available Chili Piper will automatically suggest some new times instead

2. Add Multiple Guests

  • If you invite additional guests to your meeting, everyone will be invited in one click
  • If these additional guests are teammates, Chili Piper will automatically include their availability in the suggest times/calendar

3. Book in one click when your guests suggest a time

Sometimes the guest already suggests some time to meet within an email. In this case, you can click on the orange icon next to their email and book the meeting in one click. Just do it a few times, you’ll thank us later.  The time you save with this shortcut will allow you to catch bigger fish.

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