Setting Up Chili Piper

Begin using Chili Piper in just 7 easy steps with the video or written instructions below. For the curious users, there are advanced guides on the menu on the left:

1. Authenticate the app

  • Login with your Salesforce account to activate your user on Chili Piper In 

2. Make sure your calendar is connected

  • Navigate to "My Integrations" and make sure your calendar is connected under your name

3. Install the browser extension

4. Get your booking link

  • Copy your calendar LINK in your email signature or in your emails to start booking meetings.

5. Adjust your Settings

Working Hours

6. Review meeting templates

Edit your meeting template and create new ones under  "My own templates" tab

Suggest times in email

7. Review meeting reminders

Edit or add new  meeting reminders

Be sure to:

  • Mark optional events in your calendar as available
  • Mark your vacation days and holidays as busy full day events
  • Block the hours when you are not available directly in your Google/Outlook calendar (this is especially useful if other teammates book meetings for you)

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