Integration with GoToMeeting to create meetings dynamically

1.Your team members can navigate to their Integration page and connect their GoToMeeting accounts

You will see the status of their installation under   User Settings

2. In your  Meeting Templates in Chili Piper, make sure the GoToMeeting dynamic tag is inserted.

You can use in your team templates the following tags for GoToMeeting:
{!Assignee.GoToMeeting} The GoTo Meeting Conference details for the team member the user whom the meeting is assigned to (if you book for others)
{!Booker.GoToMeeting} The  GoTo Meeting Conference details for the user who books the meeting
At the time of the booking you will see this field in the description:

Once you click the “Book Meeting” the field will be automatically populated in the description. And the prospect will receive the correct GoToMeeting details in their inbox.

You can also include GoToMeeting details in your reminders so your prospect has them readily available before your call.

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