One-click Booking from Outreach Sequences

If you send booking links to your prospects you make it harder for them to get in touch with you. That’s because they have to introduce their details for the meeting all over again.

With Outreach’s dynamic fields + Chili Piper calendar URLs you can allow your prospects to book a meeting in ONE click. We are seeing 5x increases in conversion with this kind of smart calendar URLs.

Here’s how you can improve your conversions:

1. Identify your booking link

  • Your unique booking link
  • Your team’s individual booking links
  • Your queues links
  • Or a smart link that gives credit to the person who books a meeting or understands automatically who to book a meeting with.

2. Copy your link to a notepad

Or add it as custom fields in Outreach, see this example for the email signature

3. Add the email dynamic field at the end of your link

Append the following text to your booking link:


(IMPORTANT: leave as is; do NOT replace this email with your own email)

At the end you should have something like this:


For instance, for our inbound demos we would have this as our final smart booking link:

Main booking link:

Smart booking link:{{email}}

If you add this link as a hyperlink, Outreach will automatically replace it in a sequence with the prospect’s email when it’s sent.{{email}} will be translated by Outreach to when the prospect clicks on it.

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