How to Automate Cadences for No Shows

1. Add this checkbox field in Salesforce on Contacts and Lead objects: “No show”, field name has to be “No_Show_CP”. By default it should be false.

Contact no show

2. With the Chili Piper browser extension, you can change this field to true from the meeting in Google Calendar.

guest no show salesforce event

3. Create a “No Show” field in Salesloft and map it to the Salesforce field for both leads and contacts.

No Show - Salesloft

4. Start a cadence once this field changes. This cadence can have anything between 3 steps and 7 spanned over a 2 months period depending on your cycle.

Cadence when prospect is a no show

And here’s an example of a step in the “No Show” cadence:

No Show cadence

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